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Why did I become a teacher?

December 10, 2022

Why did I become a teacher?

The profession itself is a respectable one. I enjoy being a teacher because it allows me to study and teach new things every day.

Only instructors, in my opinion, can impart fresh lessons and ideas to studentsoutside of the curriculum. Only a teacher can make kids feel comfortable andproud of their instructor and their studies, and only a teacher can establish adecent society with good students who have excellent knowledge. A courteous teacher will educate students to listen to others since everyone’s thoughts and openness is appreciated.

Some people assume that a teacher is someone who teaches from a textbook or a curriculum. But, for me, teaching is more than just a curriculum; it is about educating students about human values, patience, purpose, moral science,respect for elders, consistency, meditation, and other qualities that should be taught every day in order for them to become excellent citizens in society; thus, I enjoy being an educator. I like teaching since I have a very busy schedule every day. I don't like working in a cubicle and doing the same thingfrom 9 to 5. It's unsatisfactory.


My favourite teacher

My favourite professors were the Kannada and Arts and Crafts teachers. I'd rather say they were my role models than my favourite instructors. All of the professors were excellent, however the kannada teacher stood out from the others.

She was the catalyst behind my decision to become a teacher. I recall her asking me one day, "What is your goal?" and I said, "I don't know." Then she said to me, "When you have a goal, you will work harder toachieve it”. Then she taught me about all the different employment categories and vocations. Her determination to go above and beyond to assist a kid inspired me and left a lasting impression on me. I actively learned about the teaching profession and educated myself on a variety of topics such as how toteach new concepts, how to handle small children, how to interact with mypeers, and so on.



Teaching is a passion for me since it involves moulding future generations through the curriculum you design and the personal wisdom you impart. Only a teacher can set the groundwork for kids to thrive in life by teaching them social skills,time management, conflict resolution, stress management, and task focus, which is why I became a teacher.

Padmashree Seraf
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