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Why CBSE Board is a perfect choice for your children?

September 11, 2022

A strong educational foundation sets the path for a bright future. And choosing the right educational board takes you one step closer towards achieving this goal.That’s where the CBSE (Central Board of Secondary Education) comes in. It is preferred and widely accepted not just in India but across the world. The CBSE Board facilitates all-round development with focus on a child’s intellect and personality. The curriculum is designedto prepare the student for National level competitive exams such as AIMS, NEET, and IIT entrance exams.

What is the core focus of the CBSE Board?The board was established to better a student’s learning journey in every way. It emphasizes on the following factors to ensure this;· Innovative student-centric teaching methodologies.· Upskilling teachers by conducting required workshops or service training programs.· Including an element of life skills in the curriculum which have a positive impact on job performance.· Applying the newly added reforms, both in the evaluation and examination procedure.

How will being enrolled in a CBSE affiliated school benefit your child?

1. Student-friendly learning:;Learning is an interactive experience for the students of a CBSE school. They incorporate fun techniques of teaching and stick to anage-appropriate learning to prevent learning from becoming a burden. The text books include activity- based and participatory exercises.With these methodologies your child will enjoy studying because of the manner in which the concepts are taught.

2. The exam evaluation procedure:Students are evaluated on their level of understanding not just on repetitive answers straight from the text book. This guarantees learningin the true sense.

3. A flexible structureThere is always an option to choose a stream that is best-suited to a child’s interest. The lack of rigidity in the structure helps a child realizeand achieve their dreams in the course of their academics.

4. The focus is on all-round developmentA child is conditioned to see the world beyond the text books. The extra- curricular activities open up a plethora of opportunities for a child torefine their skills and strengths. Both the inter-school and intra-school competition prepares the students not just at the national but even onthe global level. This helps foster team spirit and leadership qualities.

5. Makes a student bi-lingualYour child learns English and Hindi because both the languages are accepted as a medium of instruction. The English proficiency makes going globaleasy for a student of a CBSE school. And being adept in understanding Hindi is a plus because it is widely used in the country.

6. It makes distance learning possibleCovid 19 made home-schooling normal for students across the globe. With the CBSE format there this transition was easier. Because the learning materialcomprises of both audio and video instruction without diluting the essence of learning in any way.

7. It gives students an edge in competitive examsIf your child’s future aspirations involve appearing for IIT/AIIMS examinations studying in a CBSE school makes clearing these exams comparatively easier.The preliminary examinations for these institutions is conducted by the CBSE board hence students are familiar with the format and structure from theirschooling years.

8. A concise syllabusUnlike other boards the CBSE syllabus has fewer subjects hence making it a whole lot easier. Physics, chemistry and Biology are consolidated as science,and History and Geography is combined as Social studies. Furthermore, studying secondary subjects like Environmental Education is not mandatory.

Children are the future of the nation and as a parent every decision that you make for your child is going to impact their life in the long-run.

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