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Holistic approach of education to be introduced in every school's system

September 11, 2022

In the 21st Century, the world is changing fast. The traditonal education curriculum, which was developed in the early 20th Century, has to pave the way to a new kind of education and learning. The conventinal way of education was effective for the 20th cetnury, for the present world we need an education system that consists all the core knowledge and skills which will help in real life along with the theortical knowledge in their academics. As far as many schools are concerned they want their students to "score well" in the exams. Now, scoring marks is not the only criteria to become successful or be qualified for anything, The students have to be taught certain values and skills from a young age and school is the perfect place.

Many educational institutions have started to adopt the hollistic approach of education.

What is Holistic education?
Holistic education is a thorough approach to teaching where educators/professors/teachers seek to address the emotional, social, ethical, and academic needs of students in an integrated learning format. Teachers often engage students in projects that apply critical-thinking skills toward solving real-world problems.

Why is it necessary to use holistic approach?
Holistic education instills curiosity and develop better communication and social skills. Holistic approach encourage students to make connection in a subject, using their creative skills. They also help to develop psychological, social, and emotional growth. Make learning natural and engaging, and practical. The idea of holistic education is not only about teaching the basic subjects, but it is more about redefining the way a student should be taught.

The core aim of education and learning should be to promote holistic development of every student. To promote the holistic development in a student, co curicular activities play an important role in this and cannot be overlooked.
Co-curricular activities help in the holistic development of students and assist in developing critical skills and abilities to be successful and happy in the 21st Century life and workplaces. Therefore, the importance of co-curricular activities is immense during school and college education.
Co curricular activities are very essential for the students to grow and develop into a successful person, because there are a lot of key and crtical skills and abilities to be victorious and jovial in the 21st century life and workplaces.
Not all of these skills and ablities will be needed by the students in their young age but evetually face situations where they will find it useful.
The skills are:

1.Logical and analytical thinking – analyzing reasons behind events and situations

2. Critical thinking– examining concepts, ideas, problems, and issues

3. Creative thinking– thinking of newer ways to solve problems; visualization; thinking of new ideas

4. Problem-solving skills – solving problems utilizing various concepts, solutions, etc.

5. Leadership skills – taking initiatives and responsibilities; influencing others in working for a good purpose; setting goals; motivating others to work towards goals; taking accountability

6. Social skills – collaboration; teamwork; building good relationships with others

7. Emotional skills – understanding your strengths and weaknesses; controlling your emotions; empathy for others

8. Communication skill– the power of expression; listening to others; public speaking

9. Technology skills– using various computer software and apps for getting things done

10. Social values– respecting differences among individuals; respecting others values and culture

11. Ethical values– maintaining ethics in public life; good moral values

12. Recreational values– understanding the importance of leisure and recreation; participating in leisure and recreational activities.

Parents also should support and encourage their children to partcipate in as much as co curicular activities which will help in the holistic development.

Holistic approach of development must be adopted by all schools and colleges, to be introduced in their curriculum.

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