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Back to school tips in Covid times

September 11, 2022

Covid 19 has largely impacted the educational system. Both, students and teachers adapted themselves to online classes. As everything isrestoring to normalcy, it’s necessary to prepare your child to return to offline classes. Here are a few tips that can make going back-to-school easier for your child:

1. Follow a routine : Having a routine in place for your child helps. A sleeping schedule, timely meal treats, a fixed study hour and play time daily offers themuch-needed predictability. Re-establish school timings because a well-rested and well-fed child is more likely to adjust to thepressures of school. But a child also requires entertainment hence it’s integral for a child to some fun-time every day.

2. Conversations are the key:Covid 19 has baffled both children and adults. You can reassure your child by having age-appropriate discussions pertaining to health andsafety. It will help them soothe their fears and attend school worry free.

3. Deal with separation anxiety before-hand:Returning to school after such a long duration can be emotionally draining. You can comfort your child by placing a family photographin their bag or affixing a small note on their lunch box. Foster a deep emotional bond with your child so that they can confide in you abouttheir fears and worries.

4. Watch out for these stress indicators:Don’t let your child succumb to stress watch out for these signs:

 A changed behaviour for no apparent reason.

 Weight fluctuations.

 Excessive sleep or lack of it.

 Wishing to remain isolated.

 Self-destructive activities,

 Suicidal tendencies.

If you notice any of these symptoms seek the assistance of a counsellor immediately.

5. Hygiene is everything:Being hygienic is the need of the hour especially in the present situation. Instil in your child basic habits such as:Sanitising regularlyFrequently hand washingAvoiding to touch your face.

6. Connect with friends:Being daunted at the prospect of returning to school after such a long gap is common amongst all kids. Hence, give them anopportunity to seek solace by connecting with each other. It’s always reassuring to know your best buddy is dealing with the sameconcerns as you.

7. Speak to your child’s teacher:As a parent there could be innumerable questions in your mind, simply speak to the teacher concerned. If you are concerned abouthow you or your child is going to cope with this change seek assistance.

8. Make mask-wearing a mandate:Returning to school does not imply that one is free from the threat of Covid 19. Hence remind your child to use the mask at all times in the school premises. Also make your child understand why it’s soimportant to wear a mask at all times.

9. Ensure all the other vaccination doses are up-to date:As a result of Covid 19 everyone’s been putting off routine check up’s and getting immunity doses. Besides the Covid 19 vaccine ensurethat all the other immunisation doses are up to date. You would not want your child to catch any other illness.

10. Stock up your school bag:Along with stationery and books keep extra masks and hand sanitizers in your child’s bag. Keep more stationery than usual so thata child does not touch and borrow their classmate’s belongings. Label your child’s belongings so that one would not use another’sstuff accidentally.Most importantly, in case your child falls sick avoid him/her from attending school. Until the threat is lurking around, let’s keepourselves and our children safe both at home and in school.

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Vineeth | PVV School