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All-round development and its importance in a child’s life

September 11, 2022

As a parent, while enrolling your child into school, are you not weaving dreams for their future? You might hope for your child to be an engineer, a doctor, a cricketer, or an actor. But eventually, one’s ability to succeed depends on an individual’s aptitude, knowledge, and perception. These subjects are not covered in the curriculum and are a result of focusing on the all-round development of a child. Development of this kind helps with developing both a child’s character and personality. In order to achieve this, the following areas have to be worked on.
1. Communication Skills
Every child is unique and so are their ideas. Hence, speaking effortlessly can equip a child to share what’s in their mind. No matter which field an individual chooses being a powerful orator gives an added advantage. This particular skill makes it easier for a child to grasp other languages

2. Social Development How does one climb up the ladder in life? It is through fruitful social interactions. By conditioning your child to adapt to unfamiliar surroundings and communicate confidently you are bettering their chances to succeed. Plan play dates, encourage group activities, and turn your child into a social butterfly.
3. Physical Fitness A daily dose of physical activity will help boost your child’s immunity. Besides that, it improves concentration and helps with health maintenance. A physically active child is more likely to be confident and determined. Teamwork and sportsmanship can be demonstrated in a playground or a pitch and not in a classroom.4. Creative TalentThe art class included in the timetable has more benefits than you can imagine. The activities encourage a child to think differently and become creative. Besides that, it also contributes to the refinement of motor skills and neural development. It opens up a window for a child to express emotions they otherwise might have trouble expressing.

As you incorporate all these domains in a child’s life you will begin to witness several positive developments:  

  1. Your child will develop an innate curiosity to discover new concepts.
  2. An independent streak.
  3. A caring nature towards society.
  4. Positivity.
  5. A life-long love to learn.

As a parent, there is a lot that you can do to contribute to a child’s overall development. You are their first teacher and your actions have a direct and significant impact on their lives. To begin with, you can cultivate a positive environment at home by fostering harmonious loving relationships amongst family members. Furthermore, distinguishing right from wrong and being just and fair to people at all levels will teach your child a lot. Include age-appropriate activities in their daily routine to support their development. Last but not least enroll your child in a school which facilitates all-round development.

­­ Poorna Vikasa Vidhyalya is one such institution. The core belief is, ‘Traditional Values with modern citizen for true fulfillment.’ The school is equipped with everything that is required for the betterment of a student’s life. Smart classrooms, comprehensive labs, and it also includes soul-soothing activities such as yoga and mindfulness. Here’s a chance to give your child a chance to benefit from the best of both – social and moral development. It offers classes for students from Standard 1-9. It also has a Montessori curriculum with daycare facilities for your little one. Together let’s help your child discover their true potential.

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Vineeth | PVV School